Pharmacy services in Turku

Varissuon Pharmacy offers comprehensive pharmacy services in Varissuo, Turku. We provide prescription delivery, prescription renewal, home delivery of medicines, medicines compatibility checks and dose dispensing. Read more and come and visit us!

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Prescription deliveries and renewals

Customers can pick up their prescription from us, as we retrieve the prescription written by their doctor electronically directly from the pharmacy system.


If you wish, you can also ask our pharmacy staff to apply for a renewal of your prescription. We will send your renewal request via our electronic system to the health care facility you have indicated, such as a health centre or medical clinic.

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Medicine compatibility check

If you wish, we will check the compatibility of the medicines you use. We will find out what medicines you are taking and if there are any overlaps or incompatibilities.


The service also includes checking the timing of medication intake in relation to meals, time of day and other medicines.


We will discuss your medicines with you, any problems you may have with them and give you a written summary of our advice.

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Dispensation and home delivery of medicines

Dispensing medicines means that you receive the tablets and capsules you use regularly in ready-to-use sachets, divided into dispensers, usually for two weeks at a time. Dispensing helps to ensure that you get your medicines at the right time.


You can either collect your medicines from the pharmacy or have them delivered to your home. Ask our pharmacy staff for more specific delivery times!

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